Miscellaneous Sprayground Instagram

Skills: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo Manipulation

A collection of Instagram posts I designed for Sprayground to promote various backpacks. Responsible for the creative concept, design and execution. They were created using Adobe Photoshop.

spongebob operation instagram ad by joanna albright
SpongeBob Operation. Featuring the Sprayground x Nickelodeon SpongeBob anatomy backpack.

The Usual Suspects. Featuring some of Sprayground’s toughest backpacks.

Instagram model Hannah Stocking turned to stone, featuring Sprayground’s Pink Goddess Wings bag.

Sprayzilla the King of the Backpacks! Featuring Spraygrounds Sprayzilla backpack with rubber molded spikes.

Mr. Monopoly on the Run backpack by Sprayground.

Ron English Wings x Sprayground

Odell Beckham Jr. x Sprayground Odell Shark backpack.

Antonio Brown x Sprayground AB Shark backpack.

Antonio Brown x Sprayground i84 bag football, alongside concept shoes I designed to match.